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Hey Folks, We give a warm welcome to all IT Divisions, IT Companies, IT Marketing Consultants, IT Consultants or any individual businesses who would like to join hands with us and become our partners for fulfilling their IT and software developments requirements. We work with adding several options such as Profit sharing, revenue sharing, fixed commissions and more.

Outsourcing Partner

Outsource your project to us, if you have the web development company, and also if you have a large number of a team with including the large sum of work we are here to help you in fulfilling your every specific requirement. Outsourcing is the best way to grow your business with generating high value as we have experts that will complete your work with the effective process.

Our main working Moto is “We work with you on behalf of you” so only we are called as partners and we ensure you to give you the exact business projects that you demanded.

Business Partnership

When can we enter the Business Partnership is the question for most of the folks, here we recommend you to use the services that we offer? For that, you need to have the customers based services as your base and you should be expert in the independent business consultant. You need to share the customer based requirements with us and also you need to explore the customer based services to generate inquiries.

We are here for you to help you in collecting the complete gathering and feasibility study with giving you your effort estimation. So it’s now your turn to represent your business partner in the way you like to have them. Our development team is here to help you and allow communicating throughout your development lifecycle of your project and share the rewarded profit percentage to the client.

Representative of UT

You are designated to represent the Universal Technolabs along with its services under the partnership of the specific areas. You will be redirected to our area if all your queries from the allocated clients are resolved.

Our development team will be executing the project and on the other hand, you will be responsible for providing the client interaction. Whenever you build the closed projects, your each project will be rewarded with calculated percentage sum by seeing and reviewing your efforts.

Referral Partnership

We are the referral partner which leads to the proficient prospective services. We promote our services out of the country or through the referral leads using order then we are here to define you a referral charge.

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