Top 12 WooCommerce Plugins to Sprout Your Business in 2021

The world is now more inclined towards e-sales. It is the fastest-growing segment in the eCommerce world. eCommerce sites based on WordPress has already snowballed. But making it stand out and made the site more flexible and customer-friendly is where plugins play the role. WooCommerce improves the functionality of the online business.

There are nearly 50,000 plugins that made it to the market. Finding the most suitable plugins for your eCommerce can be a lot of hectic and time-consuming work.

Plugins integration has the capability and functionality that helps you add unique features to your website. WooCommerce has plugins in which some are available at free of cost, and some are paid.

What WooCommerce plugins do?

  • Drive more traffic to the website.
  • Target and engage more audience.
  • Having more successful orders.

These are the topmost suitable WooCommerce plugins that will not only drive traffic to your site but also increases and boost up your online sales. Let’s hop into the article.

1. OptinMonster

Being regularly connected with your customers to engage is the best way to improve e-sales. It helps you in converting website visitors into customers and subscribers. Sending out the emails about the new offers and discounts which have been released recently. OptinMonster is one of the best WooCommerce plugin used for handling email marketing as it is easy to use.

You can create the best popups, campaigns, floating bars, and more beautiful templates to boost sales. There are built-in features in the OptinMonster that helps in boosting e-sales. The built-in A/B testing allows you to split-test campaigns as it has different styles, layouts to make sure you use the best one. That makes your leads convert.

2. MonsterInsights

The demanded WordPress plugin that keeps track of Google Analytics. It keeps check on eCommerce visitors’ view and elaborates how people communicate with your WooCoomerce site. You can track your work performance by relying on this add plugin for Google Analytics.

3. WP Forms

WP Form is an essential WooCommerce plugin for e-sales. Few pages are necessary to build a website, one of which is a contact us page. It will help users or customers of your website to communicate with you directly. Building a good customer base by solving their issues and problems they might be facing with the website or sales.

You can create simple as well as advance WordPress forms without any coding. It will also help you save a lot of time and money you would be investing in hiring a developer.  Through WP Forms, you can create a variety of conditions in no matter of time. Forms like donations forms, online survey forms, etc.

4. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

Old things old, things need not be written in a notebook. Wishlisting things you need to purchase or wish to purchase shortly and also can be shared. It is the most popular eCommerce websites use this WooCommerce plugin.

Implementing the ‘add to wishlist’ button under products. Also, ‘add to cart’ button under the wishlist page. The wishlist plugin also helps in knowing your customer better and continuously provide them suggestions based on their wishlist.

5. Booster for WooCommerce

The name says it all, and it helps boost your WooCommerce site with several booster functionality features. It is one of the free plugins that WordPress offers.  Grab the opportunity and boost up. It can be worked on currencies. For example, add all the coins in the world, releasing discounts globally.

It helps in managing one or more WooCommerce sites. Operating buttons on different pages like payment gateways, products, labels, prices, carts, orders, shipping, etc.

6. WooCommerce Multilingual

Must have seen some websites that could be translated into different languages based on their geolocation. WooCommerce multilingual plugin helps you do the same. It enables you to solve your website in other languages.

Tip: Don’t stick to the translation of only one page. Maintain and adhere to the translation of all the pages customer goes through while ordering or placing an order. Sending out emails in the language your customers opted for different language.

7. MailChimp for WooCommerce

If you have been searching for a WooCommerce plugin, you must have seen this plugin names MailChimp. To improve your interaction with the customers in the eCommerce and to boost your sales, MailChimp helps you to launch customized email marketing. MailChimp for WooCommerce works exclusively for WooCommerce websites.

This plugin is used for sending targeted campaigns by syncing with the purchase and order history of the customers with the MailChimp for WooCommerce account.

8. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Making a customer-friendly website increases the chances of sales. Letting your customer chose the delivery date as per their preferences is what makes your marketing a-game. This plugin makes you implement this function to your eCommerce site.

Given date preferences according to products, location, and prices. Provide local addresses to pick up customer products by self.

9. Facebook for WooCommerce

Since Facebook has launched its marketplace option for all the authorized sellers, according to the analytics, most of the world’s population mostly uses Facebook as terms of social media. To connect with people through social media, Facebook is a great platform to start your business.

Facebook for WooCommerce is a great plugin that helps you display your products to a larger audience on Facebook in an effective way.

10. WooCommerce Invoices

This plugin for WooCommerce shopping websites helps you to manage invoices of the orders successfully placed. It makes the process of sending PDF invoices or packing slips to the customers through the mail.

You can also carry out this process in bulk, and it is less time-consuming. The design and template of the invoices can be customized through this plugin.

11. TrustPulse

Secured WooCommerce is more likely to drive and place more successful orders from your eCommerce as it gives a sense of security when a customer visits the site. Leveraging the proof of protection should be your utmost priority.

There are 70% chances of the declination in the orders due to this one important reason. It is all due to your site can’t be trusted. There’s where the TrustPulse plugin works.

12. Product Import and Export for WooCommerce

It helps in the easy import and export of the products in the eCommerce store. Doing import and export of one product at a time is hectic. This plugin imports and exports the products in bulk, and thus, it is less time-consuming. Maintaining margins is easily accessible through this plugin, even if the base rates change.

It syncs and updates the product details. It exports the product details with all the images in the description. It also includes reviews by the customers and SEO data.

Running a WooCommerce is quite a bit hassle task. These WooCommerce plugins provide n number of benefits to your eCommerce. Implement these plugins, and the work is half done.