Top Android App Development Trends that will take over the Market 2021

In the middle of the novel coronavirus, the one thing that was on hype was android app Development Company. The pandemic made a huge impact and the change it brought was the vision to look forward to the future. IT sector took over the market in a jiffy in these tough times. One of which is mobile or you can say android app development. Want to know which are the top android app development trends that will make to the top charts in 2021? Stay tuned.

1. Chatbots and Voice Assistants

Isn’t it easier to just give a simple command to your device of what to do? Yes. It is. Artificial intelligence has made our life very easier. This section of app development and AI has been taking over the market from past years and will continue to do so.

The improvisation in AI is shaping it in a better and very assessable way. Like Google assistant in android or Siri in Apple. Recently Google launched Google Duplex which helps users to talk to the bot other side and book a ticket online. How satisfying and easy is that?

This will not only reduce the humans’ time but also the cost enterprise invested in it. According to a report, 85% of the conversations will be done by bots and not humans by the end of 2020.

2. 5G Technology

The next-gen in cellular networks is here in 2021. Even mobile phones are manufactured in such a way that when 5G technology hits the market brands are all set to adopt it. Through the reports till now, it is more stable, cheaper, and faster than 4G technology.

5G technology with a speed of 100 GBPS and high radio frequency transmits the data with 1.4 billion smartphones. You can always hire android app developers who will create a feature-rich app that will implement the 5G technology.

3. Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is already in the market but it will reach the market in 2021 with its full-on potential. Beacons use location-based and Bluetooth low energy radio signals which helps stores deal with their customers uniquely.

Notifications can be sent to the customers and inform them about the ongoing offers in the nearby stores. Using Beacon technology is a great marketing strategy to use to attract local customers and give them exciting offers to avail.

It gives a more precise way to target your audience and offer them services. It also makes better engagements.

4. The Internet of Things (IoT)

The ease and automation in terms of storing data like emails, contacts, and meetings are because of the internet near us. The automation brings in business operations helps to optimize human efforts.

The change android app development trends are bringing in 2020 like smart gadgets connected to smart devices like smartwatches, smart TVs will rule over the market in 2021. Please in India, now as access to smart bulbs as well. Lights, fans of your home can get off or on when you command them.

Imagine laying on a couch and by your voice command, you can access everything in your room. This space is now getting upgraded by giving them more complex tasks to do.

Through surveys, it is said that nearly 75.44 billion gadgets will be connected globally by the year 2025. This will not only be cost-effective but user-friendly as well. That’s a huge number to promise on. But this trend of android apps development won’t stop.

5. Mobile Wallets

Remember the time when we used to carry cash with us to pay everywhere we go or buy something? Carrying all the bills in our wallets. Keeping cash is now an organized way as the android app development brought e-wallet into our lives.

Apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, Amazon Pay helps not engaging your customer to reuse the app again and again but also it is a more hassle-free way to pay your bills and keeping a record of it. This trend came into the market long ago but it is here to stay.

In 2021, the developers are more aligned towards ensuring the security of the mobile wallets. 2020 is about to end and nearly 36% of the total population of the world will end up using mobile wallets.

6. Biometric Authentication

Talking of mobile wallets and e-payments, the next thought that comes to mind is to have better security at both ends. Giving proof of yourself in a bank where you have money stored and secured by using biometric authentication. This was not only bound to banks now. Biometric authentication has made its market in mobile or smartphones for a while now.

This is a common feature that comes in every smartphone now and then. With the face unlock, fingerprint scanner and now in-built display fingerprints sensor, our android app development industry has come a long way. However, this is not the end.

7. Augmented Reality

For maximizing revenue and enhancing the user interface, most of the industries are leveraging the trend of augmented reality. Sectors like retail, healthcare, travel, etc. are getting momentum in the development of augmented reality. It more often considers providing objects and data in reality. The gaming world had a boost after augmented reality has been introduced.

8. Ecommerce

Half of the revenues come from the eCommerce industry. This pandemic directly or indirectly gave more boost to the industry. Shopping online is growing by each day. This trend of developing more eCommerce android app which continues to boost up in the year 2021.

The industry will surely focus on USPs like safe payment gateways, client loyalty, more precise and customized experience, push notifications for offers, and big announcements. The benefits the eCommerce industry will provide in 2021 is beyond imagination.

9. Blockchain Technology

This technology provides app development solutions in a decentralized way. It reduces intermediates and also enhances transparency by implementing strict unauthorized access and security protocols. Hire a professional android app developer who can develop blockchain technology and provide solutions accordingly.

There are various benefits offered by blockchain technology. It reduces data loss. This is a more secure and safer way of data encryption. Arranges data in such a way to provide better functionality if there is any case of failure.

10. Accelerated Mobile Apps or Instant Apps

Instant apps or accelerated mobile apps (AMP) are mainstream now. There are some apps that users can access as a demo version without installing it on your phones. This gives a user-friendly interface and access to the apps more easily.

Instant or accelerated mobile apps are making space in the eCommerce industry as you can browse the products faster without wasting much time on downloading. Hire android app developers who can design an extraordinary UI/UX through which users can store more storage space in their phones and has easy access to it.

This trend of android app development to continue to bloom in the year 2021 as eCommerce is growing way faster.

11. Wearable Apps

The demand for smartwatches is already in a boom. Talking about top android app development trends, wearable apps have a lot of exploring. This trend will set a record in the year 2021. It has importance in the healthcare sector where there are daily innovations.

As people are more concerned about their health, thanks to pandemic wearable apps have a lot to come up with. This gives an idea of rising in 2021.

12. Foldable Apps or Foldable Displays

The infringement between mobile phones and tablets has made its way through. The announcement of Samsung and Huawei introducing foldable smartphone has already taken over all the attention of the customers back in the year 2019.

As per the sales survey, 17% of the iOS users have shown excitement to purchase all new foldable smartphones whereas 19% of the android users have shown excitement towards it. You can think of how much popularity, foldable smartphones have gained.

There are zillions of mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play Store. It is always a good idea to first research and then develop an app to stand out in the market and shine.

These are the few things to keep in mind while you’re investing in any idea to develop any android app. Undoubtedly, there are innovations and upgrades in the world of android development so you can never exactly judge what can come in the hype. Hire android app developers to invest and develop an app in the best way possible.

Implementing every single idea or a trend in a single app, may not give you a perfect project. But, you can always pick a few trends to make your android app development to remain on top.