Top-Notch Web Development trends that will surpass in the Year 2021

Are you a web developer who provides web development services? Or are you an eCommerce who is running a business through your website? Having a boring website is cliché. And if you want to grow your business or as a developer this is the year for you to outshine. There are web development trends that will break the records in the upcoming year of 2021.

“Figuring out what the next big trend is telling us what we should focus on.”- Mark Zuckerberg.

There are billions of websites available in the ecosystem of the internet. In the year 2020, the pandemic has impacted the world drastically and economically. The only industry that was on a boom in this pandemic is the field of technology. The shift in technology over the years has never left any stone unturned. Whether it is eCommerce or any other website on the internet.

Every other website in now-a-day is focusing on bettering the user experience. Upping the game with new trends of website web development, it is expanding to a whole new level.

As 2020 is about to end and we are all set to kick start the year 2021 here are top web development trends you need to check out to implement them in your website. Let’s directly jump into it.

1. Single Page Websites

You must be wondering how single page websites can set a trend. Let me tell you how? This trend is already in the market for a while now. Single page websites are a creative version of what a whole website with 4-5 pages looks like. These have space to make your website look more creative as well as it is less burdensome and tedious.

Apple has already come up with this web development trend of having a single-page website and it’s running beautifully. Whether you are starting up with a website or revamping your old one, the single-page website is an apt way to start.

2. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are also not new in the market like single page websites. They have now become mainstream. It is due to the improved user interface. It comes with ease for the users to experience the same features as in apps. The website should give an app-like experience, a highly responsive website, an offline feature.

To deliver a high-quality experience it uses coding languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The most popular feature PWAs provides is offline mode. Taking Google Maps into consideration. Google Maps can be accessed even when there is no internet connection. These features can be used to enhance your website and provide a high-quality user interface.

There are features where you can manage how your website looks on mobile phones as well as on desktop versions.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Unlike PWAs, there are accelerated mobile pages that primarily work on speed. It is an initiative taken by Google to make websites more user-friendly. When you search something on Google, you must have seen there is a symbol below the blue websites links. That’s due to the pages of the websites are AMPs. Just when you open the website, it loads and opens up in no time.

Web developers design it with high-quality UX. It can be achieved without using complex coding. It improves traffic to your websites. Imagine if your website visitor is opening a page on your website and it is taking a hell of a lot of time. To resolve this issue, AMPs come into the picture.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since it is introduced to the market. AI is introduced to replace and imitate human intelligence. AI interprets and expresses data in algorithms and machine form. We are already familiar with AI in our daily lives. For example, Google Assistant and Siri.

Web developers use this technology in three different ways: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and last but not least reinforced learning. These 3 methods work by learning from the information provided in the website, analyzing real-time data and providing more relatable data to the users, and provide personalized solutions to the users through AI integrations.

5. Chatbots

Talking of AI, chatbots comes hand in hand. Chatbots are still an underrated web development trend. But, web developers are now familiar with the importance of implementing chatbots in the website. It merges two technologies that are voice recognition and cognitive intelligence.

If you have gone through interacting with chatbots you must know how it works. As it goes through a series of questions asked to users and it responses through aggregating data from the answers. If you need any assistance regarding a particular website, go to chatbots and simplify things for you.

The chatbots try to provide solutions to your questions. This will help businesses grow at a fast pace. This trend of web development will outshine in the year 2021.

6. Push Notifications

Newsletters have been replaced by this trend. Push notifications are easier to maintain. Push Notifications has always been a second-sting but now has become extremely important. If you visit a website ad there’s a pop-up to take your permission to send you notifications, that’s where push notifications start working.

Web developers have already started on this trend as it gives a big competition to the other websites in terms of being connected with their users.

In the world of WordPress, you can install a plugin for implementing push notifications on your website.

7. Mobile-friendly Designs

It is not the newest trend in web development. Mobile devices are more simple and easier to use. Due to this reason, the mobile-friendly designs came in. As a web developer, you need to implement this trend and make your website more responsive. Owning up to Google first’s page website should be mobile-friendly and responsive.

Many websites including eCommerce are working on designing mobile-friendly websites. The mobile-friendly designs are easier to be understood by the users.

8. Voice Search

Google took it in the first instance in the trendsetting of voice search command on its various platforms. Including voice search on your website is one of the amazing technology to offer to your visitors. Voice recognition technology works by using smart speakers that recognizes the voice command.

With the help of smart speakers and voice command features, customers can also make a purchase. For Example Amazon Alexa, you can search and place an order with this web development trend. eCommerce has earned more money with the implementation of this web development service.

There is a web development service that is offered by web developers to improve your website and user interface.

9. Motion UI

As a web developer, it is important to make apps or websites appealing to users. The motion user interface is a library that does the same job to make your website look more appealing to the users and visitors. By designing better animations, graphics, and transitions.

Motion UI is the best tool to make your website more interactive. The motion user interface guides the user by using animations and motions available on the website. It simplifies the communication of the website with the user. Using high-quality graphics can appeal to more users to increase their real-time spending on the website.

10. Cyber Security

India has witnessed nearly 7 lakh attacks in cyber cases. Cybersecurity or IT security has extremely been important over the past years. As the world is more inclining towards digital payments or online transactions, the chances of fraud are increasing day-by-day.

Cybersecurity provides a safe and secure way when any device is connected through the internet. Thus, cybersecurity is a complete necessity. It blocks unauthorized access to the website. Cybersecurity protects the servers, data, and electronic devices from malicious attacks. The demand for cybersecurity is touching the skies.

11. Wearable Apps

The demand for smartwatches is already in a boom. Talking about top android app development trends, wearable apps have a lot of exploring. This trend will set a record in the year 2021. It has importance in the healthcare sector where there are daily innovations.

As people are more concerned about their health, thanks to pandemic wearable apps have a lot to come up with. This gives an idea of rising in 2021.

The world has suffered a lot in the present year but the web development trends will outshine in the upcoming year of 2021. In the present world, where everyone is remotely working from their homes working for web development services can be a good option to opt for.

To master and make your website look more appealing to the users, you can use these web development trends. There is n number of technologies and updates in the market from which one can create a good website. Using technologies like IoT, frameworks, coding, and programming languages like JavaScript, etc. will help boost the website reach.

Web developers should not fear to implement these web development trends to the website. If you haven’t already started to use these trends then start just now. Because these web development trends will outshine in the year 2021. The more, the less.