Transformation in eCommerce Web Development Trends for 2021

From the comfort of ordering products at a single tap from your home to receiving the products at your doorsteps, eCommerce has come a long way. In this difficult time of the pandemic, ordering products has now increased immensely. Ordering products through an eCommerce website helps in maintaining social distancing and there’s less risk of coming in contact with people.

The year 2020 so far has been good in terms of making money. The amount eCommerce generated in the year 2020 is 3.53 trillion USD and now it is predicted to expand up to 4.92 trillion USD in the year 2021. Retailers or small businesses are also making their way to online platforms. eCommerce is proliferating at a large number.

However, there are always twists and turns in following the trends to remain on the top in the market. It is important to make your place while considering all the trends. Here are the eCommerce web development trends that can help your business transform in 2021.

1. Voice Assistance for eCommerce

Voice assistance trend of eCommerce web development is here to stay. There’s a live example of Google home assistance and Amazon Alexa which can switch off your lights to buy a product through your voice command. The reason behind the expansion of this trend is it provides convenience to the users.

The next thing Google and Amazon are working on is adding languages for assistance. It uses location and helps you select your language according to the regional preference.

With the help of smart speakers and voice recognition technology, users need not have to type products they want to buy. The virtual assistant helps the users find the products through the data available on the website.

The e-sales through voice assistant will reach 40 billion dollars in the upcoming years. Therefore, it is important to incorporate these top eCommerce web development trends.

2. Mobile Shopping or Mobile Commerce

Due to the ease of ordering through mobile phones and the trust eCommerce has built over the past years, customers are more inclined towards shopping through mobile devices. The designs or layouts of any eCommerce website should be desktop as well as mobile-friendly. 

Mobile shopping or mobile commerce is not a brand new web development trend.  It is in the market for a while now. Any eCommerce website needs to develop a customer-friendly interface. To capture the market you need to incorporate the hottest trends that will continue to generate revenue in the upcoming years.

Through data, it is noticed that 30% of users shopping through any eCommerce will leave the purchase process if the website is not mobile-friendly.

3. Social Commerce

You know how important it is for any business to have a social presence. Being socially active over various social media platforms is mandatory to have a boost in your sales. It let customers see and grab the offer deals.

Creating a promotional ad campaign running on different social media platforms helps the businesses to be in touch with their target audience. Providing links to the products in the promotional ads can help the user to place an order easily of what they like.

4. Omni Channel Shopping

This trend of eCommerce web development helps to provide a constant customer experience on all devices and other platforms. The selling of products from eCommerce is not bound to a single platform now. There are endless good options to buy products from various eCommerce platforms.

5. Headless Commerce

When an eCommerce runs without any store pre-designs or storefront is called headless commerce. Always updating the front and back-end of the eCommerce website. Headless commerce helps to enhance the customized user experience.

It continuously works in the favor of customer satisfaction. It eliminates the complexity that customers may have to go through.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The evolution of artificial intelligence has brought to the industry is incomparable. However, it is not only improving the eCommerce industry and it’s majorly impacting the technology industry. One of the top-notch trend to implement in your eCommerce website.

From making a personalized recommendation to the customers to give you full human-like assistance AI does it all. It makes recommendations based on your past purchase history.

Many eCommerce companies are already relying on these trends and many are all set to incorporate AI in their eCommerce websites. AI significantly boost up sales and will continue to do so further.

7. Augmented Reality (AR)

In offline shopping, you can try, select, and make a purchase. But, in online shopping, you cannot try products. This is where augmented reality works. It gives a 3D view of how a particular product may look on you without making a final purchase.

Taking an example of Lenskart, you can use AR to see how a spectacle would look on you. By following and implementing this web development trend you will see a significant rise in sales and successful purchases.

8. Payment Gateways

This is the one main reason customers may stop buying from your eCommerce website. Giving customers their preferred way of paying the money can help you place more successful orders. Most of the eCommerce businesses already implemented this web development trend on their website.

Paying digitally through Pay Pal, BHIM UPI, Google Pay, Phone Pe, and Apple Pay can be added in the payment gateway besides paying from debit, credit cards, or on COD. Providing options to the customers helps in choosing their preferred way of doing the payment.

9. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is a website that acts as an app for mobile devices. Developing and launching an app is way more costly to do business on a budget. It is a trend that makes a website feel like an app. If you want an app like the appearance of your website without investing much in developing an app, this is the trend you need to implement.