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Manufacturing Industries

Customer Requirements

  • 100% Traceability of Stock
  • Retrieval of product detail based on supplier
  • Stock & Production alignment

Our Solutions

ERP with Stock Maintenance and Production Planning

Customer Benefits

  • Prevents overstocking
  • Timely delivery
  • Less downtime due to material unavailability
  • Auditable stocks
  • Easy stocks picking
  • Fast delivery to the production floor

Key Features

  • Auto PO generation on threshold stock limit
  • Quick view on production planning based on stock
  • Vendor rating system

Flow of process

  • PO Confirmation / Matching at gate while receiving goods
  • QA Testing if required based on results do rejections/ scrap OR add to Store
  • Before going to place in-store generate barcode for received box/pcs/cartons/ barrel to identify it in the inventory
  • Give received products to forklift operator/person who is doing work of putting it to racks.
  • When one will place any product to store stock will add where he/she has placed by scanning QR which is associated with the product and it will open one form where one will add details like godown no/ Rack NO. /Block no. / Block Side and it will create coded value as per the format we will decide.
  • When any MRS received to store they will search for each product in our given software and based on that store will be able to give a dispatch list with accurate detail of the product live location.
  • Will also create trigger feature or maintaining of stock by adding threshold limit for minimum qty. to be maintained by store so they can do new po to purchase new Stock and entire production cycle will stay smooth with timely availability of products from store.

Barcode / QR code Generation

Here we will create new barcode label for internal tracking of product with labels. New Barcode will be sticked on packing of product and hand over to loader who will place the product where he will find space in godown or as per company standard practice.

Stock At Rack Area

Now person with forklift will put qr coded box to rack where he finds space OR as instructed by store While Placing the box he will scan QR and will able to see form in their Mobile/Tablet/Handheld scanner with screen and add detail of address where he has placed box.

MRS Received From Production Area

When Production area generates MRS based on that store creates dispatch list along with its location. It will create a dispatch list in a way of FIFO pattern along with partial quantity list if stock of first lot is not met with required stock than will cut all quantity of first lot and remaining from second lot.

Stock Management

Have all control in your hand at just a click away.

You get customised dashboard so you able to see the stock level alerts, MRS partial stock dispatch which is pending, Live asset tracking with multiple godowns and its racks with block ids and there both ends.

Enjoy the best experience of managing stock with our proposed software.